The NoX

The Northern Crossroads (NoX) facilitates advanced networking among research institutions in New England. Participants include institutions of higher education and partner organizations that support research, education, and economic development. The goals of the NoX are to::

  • Foster advanced networking in support of research and education in New England;
  • Share intellectual capital and material resources to further the development and delivery of advanced network services and applications to our communities;
  • Aggregate services to benefit from economies of scale;
  • Encourage collaboration among participating institutions and our respective academic communities;
  • Consolidate regional representation of our interests to the larger national and international community, and;
  • Collaborate with other organizations pursuing advanced networking.

NoX participants meet regularly to consider issues at hand and to hear from and talk with advanced network advocates, manufacturers, and service providers about their efforts, products, and services, as well as their commitment to advanced networking initiatives such as Internet2.